Come, Touch,
Taste, Smell, Repeat

The Cinca Valley

Donning our work clothes and lacing our boots, still heavy with earth from the day before, we venture out into the fields, until the cement – and even our phone signal – vanishes. The work is tough, of course, but the effects can be better than a day spent at the spa. What do you say to a bit of fresh air?

The trees, still dormant, show no sign of flowers or fruit. However, the dawn frost, resting lightly on the branches and shoots, quietly nurtures the cherry trees which will come into full bloom in a few months. Can you imagine the show?

The rising temperature warms our hearts. Making the most of it, we continue to wander, taking in the smell of damp earth and the miles and miles of orchards yet to explore.

After visiting the kiwis, we reach the crown jewel of the crop. The apricot, peach, nectarine, flat peach and platerine peach orchards lie waiting for us. They are empty and still, a far cry from the bustling scenes of spring and summer. At harvest time, the seasonal workers delicately pick the ripe, sun-soaked fruit one by one and the fields overflow with life.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to this work for over 50 years and will never tire of the landscape, spectacular views, and absolute connection with nature. Above all, we love taking care of this land so that we can continue to produce the top-quality fruit that is enjoyed by our clients around the world.