Our brands

The name behind the quality

We’re proud of our products, which is why we pay attention to every last detail.
From quality, making sure that each bite is a unique experience, to marketing, making clients fall in love before they’ve even tried our fruit.

Who said that all fruit was the same?

Riverside Velvet Cherry


Grown on the riverbanks, this fleshy cherry, with its smooth, taught skin pays tribute to a past that should not be forgotten.
It is a homage to a town that lies beneath the waters and a treat for your palate.
Delve into the history of our Riverside Velvet Cherries.

Rocking Stone Fruit


Someone said that all fruit is the same.
Nobody has ever heard of that person again.
Because there is fruit and fruit,
we invite you to discover all our rock&roll.

International exports

A legacy to share with the world

We have a strong connection with our land, but much of our produce is also exported to the international market. Our products are enjoyed by people across Europe, the Middle East and Russia. Because quality knows no boundaries.

Sustainable methods

Looking after the land that has given us everything

Catalonia and Aragon are recognised as two of the best fruit-growing areas in the world and we want to preserve this legacy. To do so we treat our land and fruit with the utmost care, feeding our orchards with clean energy and organic products, and recycling. Why not pay us a visit and we can look after the land together?

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Installation of solar panels in our fruit and vegetable plant in Fraga

Instalación de placas solares en nuestra central hortofrutícola de Fraga