Our fruit

The flavour of our hard work

We grow and harvest fruit that reflects its surroundings, our care and dedication. It is a delight for the senses and poetry for the palate.
Want to try? Take a bite and savour the juices.
There’s no doubt that the first taste will leave you craving more.


Prunus persica

Our peaches ripen on the trees, so come and visit our orchards from June to September to harvest them at their peak of ripeness.

When you pick them, the first thing you will notice is their velvety skin, followed by a sweet and aromatic scent.

The tones span from yellows to purples, depending on the variety, but one thing they all have in common is the light crunch they make when you bite into the firm flesh.

Our peaches, with their sweet flavour and hint of acidity, make the perfect present for all those who visit us.


Prunus persica

It may not come as a surprise that the word ‘nectarine’ takes its roots from the Greek word ‘nektar’, meaning drink of the gods.

From June to September our orchards are overflowing with nectarines, so come and visit us then and we can make sure there are plenty of refreshing breaks as we explore.

Can you imagine anything better in the heat of the day?

With a firm, smooth, shiny skin that gives a little to the touch, the yellow or white flesh is juicy with a sweet, faintly acidic taste.

So, what’s our secret? Harvesting them when they are at their ripest and most fragrant.

Flat peach

Prunus persica

Remember the summers of your childhood? Let the fragrance of our flat peaches take you back…

We are located in one of the best regions in the world for growing flat peaches. There’s no doubt that you’re going to love them.

Enjoy the velvety skin, sweet flavour, and low levels of acidity. A characteristic of flat peaches is that they ripen after the harvest, so you can take them home and decide whether to eat them when they’re firm and crunchy or soft and juicy. We’ll leave it up to you.


Prunus avium

Cherries are one of the most sought-after fruits. They are particularly treasured for their bright colours, flavour, and the fact that as the cherry season is so short, you’re always left wanting more.

Before that happens, we invite you to the farm in late April to carefully pick the cherries one by one.

Fleshy, but with a firm skin, you’ll notice a faint crunch as you bite into one, followed by a delicious taste explosion that fills your mouth with sweet juice. Cherries never disappoint.

If you visit at the end of winter, you’ll be able to see the blossoming orchards in all their glory. It’s a feast for the eyes that cannot be missed.


Prunus armeniaca

This fruit requires contrast, and our location, with its long winters and many hours of sun in spring and summer, provides the perfect conditions.

To make the most of their taste, apricots should be savoured between May and August, which is exactly when we harvest them.

The smooth skin is firm but not hard to the touch. If you squeeze it softly, your fingertips should sink ever so slightly into the fruit.

The skin is an intense orange colour and becomes faintly reddened by the sunlight, which creates pinkish veins, indicating that the fruit is sweet and ready to eat.